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    Step 1

    Step 1: Base Layer

    The first thing we need is a platform for the chains, stepper motors, and bearings.

    1) Using a 2'x4' handy panel and a plunge router; I carved out 5 ovals for the tracks. Start with half circles, then connect them.

    2) The depth is slightly deeper than a #25 bike chain.

    3) Each track is 2" from the side, and 1.5 inches apart.

    4) Drill holes through the board for sprocket access.

    5) Drill holes deep enough for 2 inline skate bearings. This will give the sprocket something to push the chain into.

    6) Using #25 bike chain, cut to length and connect.

    Final base layer)

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    Step 2

    Step 2: Switch Layer

    This layer will sit directly on top of the base layer. The 10 switches for the starting and finishing line will attach to this board.

    1) Using a 2'x4' handy panel, carve out a groove deep enough and wide enough for a SPDT lever switch to sit in.

    2) Carve out the same size ovals as the base layer. This time the cut goes all the way through the board.

    3) Drill Holes in the middle of the groove of the switch layer, through the base layer for wiring the switches.

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    Step 3

    Race layer:

    Using the same router methods, carve out another oval track with no holes or grooves. This will be the top layer of the track.