In my youtube video of 12 min educational series, learn about making wooden shelf, drilling, screw driving & all basics of woodworking required for this project, using only 2 sizes of wood lumber & no joinery.

The design will cost less & you’ll know how to design for your own size requirement. Its a dismantlable, flat packable, wooden shelf, book shelf or a garage shelf. Any beginner can pick this project. I am using this as workshop storage shelf.
Any queries or questions drop them in comments. I am going to cover challenges faced by Indian makers, in future video.

00,00 What's this video about
00,44 Before starting the design, few basics of wood selection & sourcing
02,00 Design, how to decide the length and dimensions based on minimalism
02,47 Sawing, how to use the tool, safety
05,04 Drilling, basics about drilling, creating pilot hole, using marking templates
08,00 Using DIY jigs to drill holes
08,46 Ladder assembly, using corded drill machine as driver
09,45 Installing bushes
10,06 Final assembly
11,15 Sanding using angle grinder attachment
12,11 Testing for any movements or wobbling

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Otjánbird Pt. II by Spheriá
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Creative Commons CC BY-SA 3.0