Scope pictures

A project log for LCD light box conversion

A quick "afternoon" project with a scrap monitor.

QuinnQuinn 12/07/2016 at 02:480 Comments

You may have noticed that my scope pictures are from an older scope with a CRT, and are pictures of the screen. This scope does not have an easy output method(only floppy, which I would then need to find a computer with a floppy drive, or GPIB, which is a lot more work than it is worth to setup and requires extra software). Instead, it is a camera picture of the screen. Anyone who has done this has found that reflections of room lights etc often show up in the image, but not in mine. The way I do this is that I have a piece of black cardboard, with a small hole cut out of it. I place the camera against the cardboard, lens pointing through the hole, and take the picture that way. The cardboard blocks reflections.