Stable, efficient RC plane

For a group competition, SAFMC, we were required to design and build a plane and navigate it through an obstacle course within time limit.

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Our group video shares the process build and theories we learnt in the process.

The materials we used to build this we : 3mm artfriend foam, soft grip hobby knife, popsicle sticks for support, control rod, laser printed to cut the foam (optional), 3D-printer for printing the motor mounts, magnets to make the wings modular/detachable (optional) and the basic electronics - decent kv motor for thrust, servo motors, reciever transmitter combo, fpv camera and vrx if you want to fly in fpv.

Comment in the chat if you want me to share the printable template of our design!

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Krzysztof wrote 11/22/2022 at 08:06 point

Looks very nice, I would like if you could share templates of your design.

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