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Simple navigation for pet robots

lion-mclionheadlion mclionhead 05/29/2023 at 00:470 Comments

Efforts at using the leash to point a camera were successful failures.  The mane requirement is eliminating oscillation.

Installed a full PID controller which eliminated most of the oscillation, thus causing attention to be drawn to 1 body part instead. It still requires a perfectly flat surface to be the most stable. It needs a smaller integral limit. It might use a smaller D. It's never going to be perfect since the task of picking the heading is done by a transducer mounted on a shaky platform. The transducer is finicky.

The mane problem is centering on the 1 body part isn't the most entertaining composition. The body part is extra large compared to other animals. Defishing deemphasizes that body part. Defish can emphasize the sky or the ground.