EMB1082 BLE5.0 module

Exploration of the EMB1082 low energy module and the development of a breakout board.

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Hey everyone. Here I will post about my exploration of the EMB1082 BLE5.0 module. It is a great little chip with a lot of capabilities. Another reason I am interested about it it low price and availability.

EMB1082 is a module created by a company named MXCHIP.  Here is a link to the product web page click. We can get some basing info from there, like it is equipped with ARM Cortex-M4F Core 20MHz, 160KB RAM and 512KB Flash, which is quite nice. We can look at the datasheet on the bottom and see the operating voltages and the pinout. Unfortunately no information on how to program this thig or what SDK should we use. If we search around we can find the module on the Seeed Studio's web page. But nothing other then it costs 1.79$. No info on the good stuff. 

So I got one module from my local electronics parts supplier, popped the metal can. The chip had a little crab drawn on it. Yes, the chip was from RealTek, the same company that we know for their audio products. 

Of to the RealTek's web page. They have two Bluetooth ICs the RTL8762 BLE5.0 and the RTL8752 BLE4.2. And here have some things that do not align. The 8762 is BLE5.0 but it is 40 MHZ processor. The 8752 is 20MHZ,  but it is BLE4.2. Never the less both chips are very similar in case of peripherals on board. I would think those two chips are like nRF52833 and nRF52820, one is just a subset of the other. So I made a little dev board - glued the chip on a perfboard, connected the pads with wires to 2.54mm headers and put a debug port. In the meantime I have ordered from amazon a cheap jlink debugger clone. You can see the setup in the gallery. You can also use usb-miniJTAG from if you have one of those laying around.

On the board you can also see I put a user input button, one green LED and photo resistor. You can create account on RealTek web page and download all the necessary information for free: datasheets, application nots, SDK, and tools. 

I am happy to tell you that I ran most of the example code and all seems to go well:

  • UART - only works on 9600
  • 4-wire SPI - works 
  • I2C - works
  • Setting GPIO - works
  • BLE radio - works
  • ADC - works
  • PWM - works
  • Keyscan - works
  • IR - to be tested
  • I2S - to be tested
  • RTC- to be tested
  • QDEC - to be tested
  • DMA - to be tested
  • LCD - to be tested

Except that the UART works only at 9600 everything else seems to work from the first try and pretty well. I don't have any reasons to doubt that any of the other peripherals will fail. I will update the list whenever I have the time to run more example projects. 

In the projects logs I will give you some instructions how to configure the SDK and run the example code. 




EMB1082 footprint for KiCAD

kicad_mod - 2.43 kB - 11/18/2022 at 19:54


  • 1 × EMB1082 BLE5.0
  • 1 × Keypad
  • 1 × Photoresistor

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