• First Prototype

    master-puller11/29/2022 at 04:00 0 comments

    I've finally made the first version.
    I've used it for a bit, and I've noticed that measurements are a bit off. I took out my 123 blocks, and sure enough, it's losing 1/32nd of an inch every inch. Time for... Calibration!

    Considering that it's only paper that gets used for the scales, accuracy should be vastly improved after two iterations of scaling the lengths.

    As an added bonus, the paper can overhang the printed support, further eliminating cosine errors. Preliminary Scale will be up on github soon

  • Parts are ready

    master-puller11/19/2022 at 01:02 0 comments

    This is the first iteration of the design, with recirculating ball bearings. They may not be necessary, as I noticed PLA has surprisingly low friction against itself. Project log about the bearings coming up soon.