Baby Steps

A project log for Shop Reorganization

Putting my house in order

david-tuckerDavid Tucker 04/01/2023 at 23:290 Comments

So my weekends have been far too busily to really get out to the shop.  However I have been spending more time polishing up my designs.  I reworked the miter saw cart so the wings actually work properly. I had to spin the supports around to make them work properly without adding more thickness.

I'm contemplating adding in some t-tracks to act as stops on the wings.  However that would entail thickening up the wings by a bit.  I think for now I will content myself with clamping a board to the wings for now.  I can always add in t-tracks later.

For the main benches I was thinking about combining them back together into one single bench. It would almost cover a full sheet of plywood and it would make for a much better (and larger) working surface.  The big concern is can I pull it out of where it is stored easily enough when it is one monolithic piece. I think I will clamp my workbenches together and see how easy they are to roll around together.

Finally I made a run to the store today and picked up my wood for the first two boxes.  I have to push through on my taxes this weekend, so I probably won't have time to make any cuts. But my hope is that next weekend I can get the frames put together and start doing serious work on this project.