3D printed hexapod

Small, 3D printable, and on top of that good looking! (and scary??)

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When I was designing it my main goal was to make it small,3d printable, and it needed to look good on top of that. Currently, it is controlled with a PS2 controller but has more than enough capabilities to be reworked to work autonomously.

Hexapod has all his electronics in his body and batteries hidden with lids. So I wanted to hide as much of wires as I could to give it a more organic look.

It needs many parts to make it, and with its size, a lot of that is squeezed inside or needs some rework, but with a lot of time and patience you can build it. ;)


Servos I used to have metal gears and they are a little bit less crappy than plastic ones. Servos work on 5-6 volts and 18 of them draw around 4 amps constantly while the robot is working. that is why I went with 5A UBEC from hobby king. I tried some cheaper ones from eBay but they just didn't work. You can use any battery of similar size, it just needs to be 2S or more(7,4 volts or more) and can provide more than 5 amps. The servo controller is lynxmotion SSC32-U and you don't have a lot of picking here, almost all hexapods on the internet use this one or an older version. So Arduino. I had that small version of Arduino mega lying around and was not using it for anything special so I decided to use it. On top of that, I will try to make it autonomous in the future and add some more functions that will require more memory and IO. it should be possible to use Arduino pro mini or Arduino nano BUT you will need to use different code that uses software serial because mega has more than one serial port. The PS2 controller and receiver should work if you buy them from eBay or anywhere else because we will take apart the receiver and will not use those custom-made connectors that come with it if you order from lynxmotion or RobotShop.

3D Print Parts

You will need to print all parts in STL file. Support is needed for the 9V battery holder, coxas, and the battery lid. I printed with PLA and 0.2 layer height. ALL parts need to be printed once EXCEPT:

  •  6xTibia
  • 6xFemur
  • 3xCoxa
  • 3xCoxa mirror
  • 2xFront holder


x-zip-compressed - 308.96 kB - 12/02/2022 at 21:38


  • 1 × ZIPPY Compact 850mAh 2S 25C Lipo Pack
  • 1 × Turnigy 5V/6V 5A Heli-UBEC for Lipoly
  • 1 × Lynxmotion SSC-32U USB Servo Controller
  • 1 × Lynxmotion PS2 Controller V4
  • 1 × Meduino Mega2560 R3 Pro Mini

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