This is an all-in-one remote. You control 433MHz and IR appliances. It has built-in sensors and can be programmed with the TYPE-C connector

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This board features 433MHz transmitter and receiver. IR leds are placed in circle to cover all the directions. It includes a temperature & humidity and an ambient light sensor. Furthermore you can power and program it through the USB TYPE-C, ESD protected. This board is based around the ESP32-WROOM-32E, so it's super easy to set everything up with ESPHOME and controlling it from Home Assistant.
At the moment there's a working prototype but an upgraded version is ready, with more IR Leds and a STEMMA QT connector in order to add another i2C sensor from Adafruit or Grove

In the updated version there are a lot of improvements compared to the actual prototype.

More space around the ESP32 antenna and there is no ground plane around it. In this way, WiFi / Bluetooth range increases a lot.

Special attention has been paid to the temperature and humidity sensor. It's placed away from the main heat-generating components and it doesn't have ground plane next to it.

There is an air gap on three out of four sides to avoid heat from the PCB and it's footprint is multilayer, so it can dissipate also from the bottom one.

In this way, temperature and humidity offset are minimized.

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