This is an all-in-one remote. It controls RF and IR appliances. It has built-in sensors and can be programmed with the TYPE-C connector.

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This board features 433MHz transmitter and receiver. IR leds are placed in circle to cover all the directions. It includes a temperature & humidity and an ambient light sensor. Furthermore, you can power and program it through the USB TYPE-C, ESD protected. This board is based around the ESP32-WROOM-32E, so it's super easy to set everything up with ESPHOME and controlling it from Home Assistant.
I think the form factor it's nice. There are two stackable layers. The bottom one includes the power circuitry, the ESP32 and the temperature, humidity and light sensor.s In the top one there are the IR LEDs, IR receiver and RF modules.

In the end, the project also has the OSHWA certification, so it's completely open source!

Please visit the pre-launch page on CrowdSupply if you want to stay updated!

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ESPHome configuration

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  • Live on CrowdSupply!

    Alessandro Alfonzetti03/08/2023 at 07:02 0 comments

    Hi everyone! 

    I'm really proud and happy to say that we are live on CrowdSupply!

    If you are interested and want to support us, you can find us here!


    Alessandro Alfonzetti02/26/2023 at 15:57 0 comments

    I uploaded the STL files of the enclosure, so you can print it yourself!

  • Improved Home Assistant integration

    Alessandro Alfonzetti02/24/2023 at 17:59 0 comments

    I uploaded the configuration file for ESPHome

    Once flashed, and connected to WiFi, you will have two services to send IR and RF messages

    And if the board receives RF signals, ESPHome will trigger the event esphome.rf_code_received exposing the protocol and the code received as an int (You have to convert that int in binary to actually use it)

    In this case, I received the code 721136 (10110000000011110000 in binary) with protocol 2

  • Finished!

    Alessandro Alfonzetti12/31/2022 at 14:10 0 comments

    The upgrade it's finally done!. The case is 3D printed. I found out that IR light is not affected by PLA, so it's really easy to design an enclosure. The bottom and the top part are screwed, so you only need to print the two parts without any extra comopnent. There's a blue led when the board is powered on,

  • Working prototype

    Alessandro Alfonzetti11/23/2022 at 21:43 0 comments

    At the moment I have a working prototipe but with some ugly corrections after soldering.

    The updated version is ready

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