Flex3drive not responsive...

A project log for FLEXTRUDER2 17: Dual drive remote direct extruder

Simple and effective dual drive extruder with a remote motor and flexible shaft transmission

luc-jobLuc JOB 12/08/2022 at 22:320 Comments

I tried to mail them to be sure that the gears and flexible shaft was still available...

I had no response for a week now.

So this open source project has no sense if parts are not available... That's why I have started to re-design the thing with different parts:
* New worm gear, designed to be manufactured with plastic or metal... Flex3drive allows only plastic.

* New cable sleeve, for the new gear design

Now it becomes smaller and easier to print... See the screws? it's M2.5...

Now I'm in the process of ordering the parts: Flexible shafts with the new sleeve and worm gears.

Both Flex3drive and Zesty sell the gears + shaft for  $40 to $60... I should be able to be around $30... And less than $50 for the complete hardware kit.

So that this open-source project doesn't starve by drying of sources before it's really born.

And for people in need of a finished all-metal product, it's in the pipe...