Figuring out the GPIO needs

A project log for Climate & Environment Monitoring Station

Create a monitoring station to measure weather, soil, seismic, solar, magnetic, and gravity conditions - focus best accuracy/dollar w/COTS.

sparks.ronsparks.ron 02/07/2017 at 17:430 Comments

What I need now is an inventory of all the interfaces that my potential sensors would require. I took the list from the previous log and put it in a spreadsheet. Then I went through each datasheet and looked at the interfaces.

Here are the results if I were to put in every sensor:

3 – Dallas one-wire type
6 – I2C
1 – SPI
3 – digital I/o (pulse, data/clk, etc)
1 – serial I/0
6 – analog (volts or current)
1 – AC resistance

From this I can now do a quick look to see what interfaces I need to augment for the Arduino style inputs. The Arduino A/D system does not have the accuracy or range this project needs so an outboard chip will be required. From the above I can see an 8 input multiplexed IC with an I2C interface would be a good choice. For example I will look further into the $2 TI ADC128D818.