Project Log 9: Planning a little bit more.

A project log for DIY Human-sized Mech

Mechs are not viable, nor cheap, so I will try to design and build one alone anyway.

FulanoDetailFulanoDetail 12/04/2022 at 20:390 Comments
Sunday 17:28, 04/12/2022

I used my brain a little bit from the last project log and I thought on some things that may or may not be useful for the construction of the artificial muscles.

Well, it just crossed my mind that the rubber flat hoses can be heated, partially melted and reshape it in other forms that are more interesting for an artificial muscle, since they are malleable, but not inflatable. Which is important for McKibben muscles, since its inner tubing is normally inflated.

I can do the same thing for rubber scrap, which didn't cross my mind until now.

Also, for the braiding material, I thought on using duck tape. Yes, gluing two duck tapes on one another and then using them to braid the muscle as shown bellow. Some tapes are crazy resistant, and can even hold dozens of kilograms, specially the duck tape type.

I took the picture from this article: "Experimental Investigation-Natural Fiber Braided Sleeve for Pneumatic Artificial Muscles Actuation".

Also, I took the information of "duck tape being really strong" from this video testing a bunch of tapes: