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A project log for Open Source CPAP Machine

I'm developing a portable open source CPAP machine to address the current issues of affordability and access to these machines.

cdankocsikcdankocsik 02/07/2023 at 17:230 Comments

Weekly Progress Updates:


Been busy lately with Working on the Board squared away along with the PI controller for the ramp functions. School nowadays though keeps me really busy along with working more on the business side of things trying to win money through some Pitch competitions our school as for entrepreneurs.


Hello everyone, just wanted to provide a quick update and show I'm still active on the project. School started back for me, so I've had less time to work on this as much as I want to. I'm currently working on a basic control algorithm for the CPAP for ramp functions and next for detecting blockages. 

As for the BLDC motor driver, its still a little way off though I am to the point where I can start a prototype pcb as it would make slightly easier to work with. Still deciding if I'm ready for that yet as my current prototype while sound in the schematic design the hardware still is slightly misbehaving.


Hey Everyone , Currently just trying to collect some data from my test setup, since I'm having to run around all the time because of college and my senior design project (Formula One FASE), and PCB way is willing to give me free boards, im just gonna go ahead and put my current prototype on a dev board just to make my life easier as I accidentally broke off one of the legs of my pressure sensors now I can't use it :( . So ill provide a schematic in the next week or so


Hey Everyone, sorry for the lack of updates recently. Been really busy with school as I graduate this semester in two weeks so you could imagine how busy I am right now. As soon as I graduate and get a job, I'll continue to post to get this project done. I was gonna start keeping project logs on my you tube channel from now on for progress along with posting on here as well. Hang in there!