Running the Fiber Optic Cable

A project log for Running Gigabit Internet between 100m to 5km

Documenting my project to get Gigabit internet speeds to my house which is greater than 100m away from the ISP

Peter McCloudPeter McCloud 12/03/2022 at 03:340 Comments

The biggest issue with running 700 ft of fiber optic cable is making sure the cable is sufficiently protected. Ideally, I should run a conduit the entire way with the cable inside. However about 85% of it runs though a forest. In addition to massive amount of trenching, I also didn't want to damage tree roots.

I did have alternative, which was a wire fence already running along the property line (see picture below). While it's not underground, it would be easy enough to wire tie to the fence and prevent it from be stepped on.

Since it was going to be exposed to the elements, I did want some protection. After doing some research, I found some armored fiber optic cable. Around the glass fiber is a steel coil, wrapped with a UV resistant outer layer.

After using weather resistant zip ties (black) to attach the able along the fence, the last section was run underground in conduit. Just be sure to respect the minimum bend radius.