Introduction to Single-Layer PCB

In electronic circuits, we often use Printed Circuit Boards to make the circuit more reliable and efficient. Printed circuit boards are of different kinds. In this article, we are going to explore Single-layer PCBs. Likewise, the Single-layer as the name implies is the Printed circuit board having one side. Certainly, this is the kind of PCB, there is only one side for conductive material. This was the very first PCB that got introduced in the market. Before that point to point construction of electronic circuits was popular.


The first time single-layer PCB got introduced was in the 1950s. It got prominent to the designers. After that, it is used extensively. Therefore, they are widely used in circuits where low cost is expected. Various materials are used in the making of this kind of PCB. Glass fiber augmented epoxy resin with a foil of copper, etc.

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Construction of Single layer PCB

The design is first built into the software on the computer, laptops, etc. For example, different Softwares are ORCAD, CAD, PROTEL, etc. The layout is designed there. After modeling the design, it gets printed on paper. After that, it gets ironed on the PCB Board. Moreover, it gets finished the etching process. After that, PCB gets ready for the components to be inserted. And that's how things get done.



Single-layer PCBs have different types, used for different purposes. However, every type is made up of different materials. Below are the types of single-layer PCB:

  • Single-Layer Rigid PCB: These inflexible rigid PCBs are made from rigid materials like glass fiber. This prevents PCBs from breaking and bending. And, they are used in calculators, power supplies, etc
  • Single-Layer Flexible PCB: Instead of a rigid material, they are made from a flexible material. Plastic material is used for this purpose. Moreover, they are lower in cost than rigid PCBs
  • Single-Layer Rigid-Flex PCB: They are made from a combination of plastic and glass fiber. Both materials are assembled into a single layer. Therefore, it reduces the size and weight of the PCB
  • Single-Layer Aluminium-Backed PCB: Instead of copper, aluminum is used in this PCB. The thermal insulating material is used with aluminum to transfer the heat back.

Application Of Single-layer PCBs

This kind of PCB is relatively simple. But still, use in some complex devices:

  • In photocopy and printer machines
  • For vending machine circuits
  • Solid-state devices and equipment
  • In the circuit of digital cameras
  • In radio circuits
  • Used in digital and analog power supply


  • Low Cost: The cost is lower than the other type of PCBs. Because it consists of only one side
  • Easy to Design: Since it has only one layer. Therefore, it's easy to build this type of PCB. Also, there is a very low chance for I correct in
  • Easy to troubleshoot: The circuits made on this PCB are small and simple. As a result, it easy to understand and troubleshoot
  • Easy to install: This PCB is manageable and easy to install