A printed circuit board, or PCB, is used in many applications using various assembly techniques and designs. Industrial circuit systems and other consumer electronics devices use printed circuit boards more frequently. Therefore, discussing assembly is always vital. Any board must be correctly constructed by its intended application, with exceptional quality taking into account the important factor of having lower pricing. When any design or component arrangement is placed on the board, it is referred to as PCB assembly or PCBA. The assembly of the PCB board is straightforward, and several procedures are employed. This article will teach us several PCBA-related aspects as well as how to obtain a free assembly for your PCB. So let's get going.

What exactly is PCB Assembly?

When various components such as a capacitor, diode, inductors, transformers, and so on are placed on a PCB board to create a device or project, this is referred to as PCB Assembly (PCBA). For the development of PCB assembly, many manual and automated equipment are employed. PCB assembly is not the same as PCB manufacturing. PCB manufacturing involves several processes, including PCB design, PCB prototype, and PCB production. Following PCB fabrication, various electrical components are installed on the board. The placement of various components on the board is determined by the kind of PCB, the purpose of the PCB board, and the electrical components.

How to get free PCB Assembly

You now know the description of PCB assembly, now you need to know the instructions on how to obtain a free PCB assembly service for your PCB board. There are numerous PCB manufacturers, but none are as well-known as JLCPCB, which is also one of the most trustworthy and trusted PCB providers, giving free PCB assembly. You may have your PCBs manufactured for two dollars and assembled for $0.

JLCPCB is capable of producing PCBs at various levels of complexity. They create complex multilayer PCBs for high-end industrial applications as well as affordable single-layer PCBs for amateurs and hobbyists. Their service offers an immediate answer for newcomers who have limited funds for their initiatives and are attempting to produce printed boards at a reduced price. Additionally, the company does not let down industrial applications.

Instant Quote

  • Online quotation requests can be made here at the JLCPCB website. Place your order by adding the Gerber file and other information
  • JLCPCB customer has access to $24 in SMT assembly coupons every month. At the start of the subsequent month, you will receive three coupons for $9, $9, and $6, if you place an order. In your Account in the Coupon area, you may find the SMT coupons.
  • Simply select a $9 coupon and enter it at checkout to immediately receive the discount. This can pay for the $7 setup cost and the $1.5 stencil price, so assembly would start at zero dollars.


This concludes our discussion on How to Get Free Assembly for Your PCB.  We have described all the details for the PCB assembly. For any query, you can comment and read other related articles.