FLEXTRUDER2 MM: flexible shaft motor mount

An articulated motor mount for flexible shaft transmissions, to minimize bends and lateral efforts on your printer's head

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This NEMA-17 motor mount design allows your motor to rotate freely and follow the natural curvature of your flexible shaft.

Naturally, the shaft will always take the shape that minimize the shaft's curvature and effort, so the shaft's friction is also minimized.

But the most important effect will be a dramatic reduction of the lateral efforts on the other end of the shaft: Your delta 3D printer head will gain in positioning precision, and systematic dimension errors due to the push-pull forces exerted by the shaft will be gone.

With this mount, you can decrease the shaft's length, decrease the torsional deflections of the transmission and have a more precise extrusion.

This is an ideal companion for the FLEXTRUDER2 extruders line.

To contribute to my existence by paying me a beer, the parts are available for download on Cults.

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