A sweet new Power Distribution board(THANKS PCBWAY!)

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davidDavid 01/23/2023 at 04:010 Comments

So the last power distribution board I made was a bit of a mess to say the least... It worked, but I really wanted to make a proper PCB. That way, it wouldn't look so janky, I could getter better current flow, nice mounting holes, and get a place to put the voltage regulator. 

That's where PCBway came in. I'm guessing the rep saw the previous board and decided I needed some help :) 

Any ways, I used easyEDA to draw up a schematic and board, sent it to PCBway and a week later these bad boys appeared in real life! I'm super pleased with the quality of the boards and the turn time on the order. 

A couple main things I was trying to achieve in the design: