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    Based on the request of so many people I Upgraded the Blood Pressure Sensor Interfacing Project by adding multiple New Parameters. If You Have Forgotten My Previous Project Which Is related to the current Topic follow the link to go through it Blood Pressure Sensor Interfacing with Raspberry Pi. Previous Project collects the Data From the sensor and displays the results via Email. Since Google Stopped supporting of 3rd party apps after April 2022. The Email feature of the project does not support it. in the current upgraded project, this is resolved by updating the more features

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    About The Project

    In this Upgrade Project, I Have added The following New parameters

    1. SpO2

    2. IR Temperature Sensor

    3. LCD Display

    4. Voice Broadcasting

    5. Data Saving For Future ML Training

    In the previous project, I added the basic details of different Classifications of blood pressure for adults (18 years and older). I will utilize the same chart to create the current Project.

    Block Diagram Of the Project

    BP SENSOR.jpg

    I will Explain How To Interface The Sensor With the Raspberry and How to Process to Display the Output. By following this blog You can find what are the libraries and Software settings need to configure for the project.

    By using This project you can measure Blood Pressure, Non-Contact IR Temperature Measurement, and SpO2. All these results are displayed on LCD and the Results are Broadcast through Voice. Based on the Accent you required you can change your Voice Broadcast Accent.