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    Unpack your Kit

    *Note:  If you chose the unstripped wire option, strip approx. 1" off the ends of each wire using 30AWG wire strippers.  Strip approx. 1" off the ends of the battery holder using 24AWG wire strippers.

    Helpful Tips for stripping wire: 

    • To prevent breaking the Red & Blue wires when stripping we suggest stripping in 1/2" or 1/4" sections until you reach 1".  If you do break the wire they should still be long enough to reach from LED to screw. 
    • To prevent breaking the battery holder wires when stripping we suggest using wire cutters to remove the exposed ends of the wires before stripping to reduce the changes of the insulation snagging.

    Each kit has the following items included:

    1 - Circuit Snowflake

    1 - Length of Ribbon

    1 - Battery Holder

    1 - CR2032 Battery

    2 - Screws

    6 - Self Flashing RGB LEDs

    6 - Red Wires

    6 - Blue Wires

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    Screw screws into holes

    Give each screw about 3 twists.  You don't want them falling out but you want to keep enough room to wrap wires around them.

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    Place LEDs

    Match the flat side of the LED to the flat side of the engraving.  Alternatively you can also match the long and short legs to the flat side of the engraving.  Long legs are positive and short legs are negative.  The flat side marks the negative on the engraving so match the short leg to the flat side.  Once all LEDs are in place, flip the board over.

    Bend LED legs one going away from the center and one going towards the center (make sure to keep bending consistent on each LED (if you bend the negative leg away and the positive towards repeat for all LEDS