The basic amazon

A project log for The perfect mouse


lion-mclionheadlion mclionhead 10/02/2023 at 02:160 Comments

In the search for assertive button clicks, the basic amazon isn't it. It's smaller than the bottom line M100 & the buttons hardly move despite being discrete plastic. The wheel doesn't have any resistance at all.  The button clicks are still better than a worn out M100 though.  There's no reason to believe any more expensive mouse would do any better, since they all have the button design of the M100.

In a custom mouse, it might be good enough to replace the case & the side buttons while keeping a stock wheel assembly.  How to port the wheel assembly is the tricky part.  Sadly, the wheel dies intermittently.

How to cheaply print test cases is another problem.

Enhanced the basic.

  Somewhat surprised by how expensive decent mice have become.  $24 remanes the lion kingdom's limit, but anything below $99 now seems to be the same cheap design & there's no way to try anything in a store.  The lion kingdom's last good mouse was discovered in a day job in 1997.

Helas, after a few days, the basic amazon was abandoned.  It scroll wheel was very unreliable & often went backwards.  It was too small.  The button travel ended up worse than the worn out M100.

1 crazy idea was to make the scroll wheel out of a capacitive touch slider with an MHPS button under it for button presses.  The one pictured is really 3 buttons, but real capacitive sliders were a thing, 20 years ago.  What surprised lions is the animals who demoed them always used mechanical indicators instead of software.  There wasn't a way for someone to be interested in electronicals & software simultaneously.

Capacitive touch sliders are just discrete copper pads.  A haptic thing could simulate a button click.