• 1
    Unpack your Kit

    The kit comes with:

    • 1 - Krampus
    • 2 - 3mm Red LEDs
    • 1 - Battery Holder
    • 1 - CR2032 Battery
    • 1 - Length of chain
    • 1 - Jump ring
  • 2
    Place LEDs into holes

    Be sure to place LEDs in same direction (if long leg is going through top hole for the first LED then the long leg needs to go through the top hole on the 2nd LED) Bend LED legs once going away from the center and one going towards the center (make sure to keep bending consistent on each LED (if you bend the negative leg away and the positive towards repeat for all LEDS

  • 3
    Twist LED Legs together and add the resistor

    Grab the two negative (short) LED legs and twist them together 3-4 times.  Then grab the two positive (long) LED legs and twist them together 3-4 times.  Grab your resistor and twist together with the positive legs.  After the LED legs and resistor are twisted together, fold the legs in half.