The Ultimate Game & Watch

A handheld to play all single-screen Game & Watches. Similar to something like the SNES Mini - but in handheld form.

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Built with the minuscule Raspberry Pi Zero 2W and RetroPie as a base, the goal was to build a handheld that was suited towards playing a slew of single-screen Game & Watch releases from the 80s. Of course, it turned into a 3rd generation all-rounder, also suitable for the NES, Master System etc. Anything with two buttons and a d-pad really, including the Game Boys.

I designed, printed and painted the case myself incorporating motifs from the originals including the screen bump and a kickstand. The control system was built from and based on a knock-off NES controller with the brains being an Arduino Pro Micro.

Otherwise, the project includes a Waveshare screen, a 2400mAh battery (~5 hours of use) and a handbuilt, low-pass filter for the sound. Unfortunately, native analogue audio output was one of the features excluded so the Zero could be so small.

I filmed the design and construction process and uploaded the result. Find the video links below.

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