Trying to get things in order

A project log for ESP32 Drone

I wanted to make a low cost drone with all the bells and whistles, so people working with a small budget can get into the drone game. ~$50

jon-vbJon VB 12/09/2022 at 16:390 Comments

I have a list of things I need to do in order to "complete" the project by Jan 3 dead line or get it as close as possible by that time.

  1. Get code unified and ported over to Espressif's ESP-IDF. I have most of the code for GPIO PWM for the motors and Gyro already done but under Arduino's build environment for the ESP32.
  2. Figure out how I'm going to get the PID control for the Drone that works in conjunction with the gyro into ESP-IDF. I have not even looked into this yet, as I've been down some other rabbit holes recently with this project.
  3. Get hardware setup for testing in step's to work with new ported code. Going to have to get bread board setup for testing motor's and gyro again...
  4. As I figure out more that's needed I will add to this list. 

Was working on a menu interface for the Android portion of this build to make it easier to connect with the ESP, For now at least, thinking I'm going to put this on hold and leave as hard coded. This just has to do with the IP address and port number for the TCP side of things.

 For today, I just want to try and get the GPIO PWM code written up for ESP-IDF and maybe test with the motor's if I got time to do that.