fibonacci numbers and a lisp interpreter

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An as-small-as-possible RISC-V implementation in Logisim.

Nicky NickellNicky Nickell 02/02/2017 at 03:220 Comments

Now that risk-vee has a mostly complete assembler it is time for some non-trivial programs. First up is a little program that prints the Fibonacci sequence (in hex) to the console. (the code and an assembled image of it is in the GitHub repo)

While the compute part isn't very complicated, the routines for printing were a little more involved. Nothing groundbreaking really, but certainly across the triviality threshold.

The more interesting bit is the lisp interpreter I'm working on. I have written a few lisps, but never one in assembly. In light of that, not going for a complicated implementation is the obvious course of action. Implementation details: it is a lisp1, stop-and-copy garbage collection, deep binding, minimal data types (pair, int, id, function), no macros (yet?), no TCO, no continuations, and lexical scoping. As of right now the only thing I have done (but not really tested) is the garbage collector.

This brings us to the next point. Debugging large(ish) programs on a computer that runs at ~3khz is impossibly tedious. Waiting 10-20 seconds for your code to run up to whatever error you're looking for isn't fun. To work around this issue I'm probably going to write an emulator.