The MCL64 is a MOS 6510 port of my MCL65+ project which is a 6502 emulator written in C running on a Teensy 4.1 which can be used as a drop-in replacement for the Commodore 64 CPU. Like the MCL65+ the MCL64 6510 emulation can either be cycle accurate or it can run significantly faster than the original processor.

The 6502 emulator is written in simple C code using Arduino IDE.  It runs on an off-the-shelf Teensy 4.1 board and uses a small PCB to map the pins and provide some voltage level shifters.

A number of games and applications can successfully run on the Commodore 64 using the MCL64 in both cycle accurate and accelerated modes.

When running in the accelerated mode it is actually faster than the practically unobtainable SuperCPU cartridge which is not surprising considering the MCL64 can locate all memory and ROM ranges inside of the Teensy and run them at 800Mhz. The jiffy test seen in the capture is running before and after acceleration and is as low as 7 jiffies which is quite a bit faster than the SuperCPU!