A project log for Phi Go

A Linux computer on board with extra power and connectivity options

Mastro GippoMastro Gippo 08/13/2014 at 15:540 Comments

It is extremely important to forecast all possible problems you may encounter and their solutions if you want to make a successful plan. Here are the two biggest problems we will have: 

- Mediatek has a bad reputation on the developer community due to its continuous violations of the GPL license. Even a reputable manufacturer like Asus did not release the correct kernel sources for their Mediatek-based tablet a while ago. At the last MWC through, they announced a developer program and said that they will release SDKs and HDKs for their products, so things should change soon.

- FCC (and more) certification. Certifying a mobile phone is quite hard and expensive, but I should be able to get around this by releasing the board as a component and not as a finished product. You will have to get the certification yourself if you plan to sell it. I will consider getting the boards certified if I get enough support from the crowdfounding campaign through.

These are not huge problems, and they should be easly solvable with some communication and a good design to start with.