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    Create URL for Trello API

    The project gets the cards from a specific list:


    Of course this includes requesting an API key for Trello and figuring out the ID of your selected list.

    The response includes all data. I limited the card count for 10 to my list and since the API response is pretty chatty, I would recommend too to avoid running out of memory.

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    Configure M5Paper

    Set the Wi-Fi SSID-password, Trello API link in the credentials.cpp

    At some point the root certificate for Trello will expire too. I'll do my best to update the certificate, but if I forget it, it can be changed in this file too.

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    Load font(s)

    Using SPIFSS would be great, but current tools don't support Arduino IDE 2.0 yet. The easy way: load the Unicode-supporting TTF font to a microSD!