Of course, the mechanism of a laser printer will not allow you to print a part in a centimeter.
This is just an experiment for future 3d printing technologies.
For example, in an inkjet printer, I see potential. If filled with something like glue or varnish, where each applied layer will dry out.
At 50 layers, the elevation is already visible, like on a 3d printer, but this is 50 layers, and I wanted 100 ....

I wonder if the device itself will withstand such neglectful use.

With each layer, the logo transforms from a two-dimensional plane to a three-dimensional object.

When a sheet comes out from the press, some incomprehensible clicks are heard in the speakers. Most likely the sheet is highly electrified, which can affect nearby electronics.

To what extent is it clear in the video that the logo has become three-dimensional? How do you like this arrangement? The layers were printed almost to the millimeter. Too bad I don't have a micrometer. The leaf got heavier.

I heard that the toner is conductive. Let's make a freeze. Of course, the toner turned out to be 100% dielectric. Shows zero value

The strength of the model leaves much to be desired, I think that a solid surface would have had different results.

An interesting print. What do you think about this? Then I did a few more test prints on various materials, but this has nothing to do with 3D printing.