HiPiP: High Fidelity Pi Player

I struggled to find a device that met all my amateur-audiophile demands, so I'm making my own.

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I wasn't happy with what was on the market for HiFi devices. Things were either too expensive, too bulky, or wouldn't integrate well in my device ecosystem (or they were ugly). So I decided to make my own:

HiPiP features(ideally) :
• High-Battery Capacity (6500mah)
• Capable of HiFi music playback (32bit 384kHz courtesy of PCM5102A)
• High Capacity w/ swappable (external) microSD
• Cool design (figuring that one out)
• Amplifier (maybe?)
• Retro Display
• Intuitive UI
• USB-C Charging

Looking forward to making progress!

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