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Fluffbug, but with a Pi Cow

dehipude Éhipu 12/30/2022 at 22:531 Comment

This is my first project where I completely switched to EasyEDA as a PCB design tool. I honestly tried KiCAD several times over the years, and it's just so hilariously bad at exploring designs, that I gave up on it. EasyEDA is still far from ideal (especially the copper fills), but it's not completely unusable.

In any case, I followed up on my fluffbug work, of course, but I made everything except for the battery holder surface-mount. I found some pretty nice low-profile smd female headers on LCSC, and the IDC connectors for the servos also exist in SMD versions. This actually gives me much more room on the PCB, because headers no longer take up both sides.

There are still a few pilot holes for all the components, so there was some work squeezing it all to fit, but in the end it came out rather compact. Since the headers are double-row, I can use them to add bigger "face" shields for the robot, with things like displays, cameras, sensors or speakers. In fact, I went ahead and designed two shields, one the size of the pico with a camera, and one bigger, with an oled display and a speaker.


agp.cooper wrote 12/31/2022 at 03:06 point

I tried KiCAD, I was trying to transition away from EasyEDA. EasyEDA was having problems at the time. EasyEDA updates were silently corrupting my old designs. 

But KiCAD was making a transition to a new version as well, and the old footprint libraries were not compatible with the new version. What a mess for a newbie, probably okay for an experience operator.

So no choice, had to stay with EasyEDA. It works pretty well nowadays, but it is no longer a one stop web-page. The transition between web-pages are not that seamless.

I have probably done around 100 designs since I have returned to EasyEDA, so I have learnt to live with EastEDA.

Yeah, I was so frustrated with EasyEDA back then, I deleted my original account.


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