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avrAVR 07/22/2014 at 17:110 Comments

The last update was about how I changed the design of the powersupply, that was the last major change to the schematic other than some pin swapping here and there to make the routing smoother. Since the last update I have been working on turning the schematic into a PCB. A picture of the PCB as of 7.21.14 has been added to the project pictures to give a good idea of where I'm going with the design. The PCB has been going very fast and should be finished in a day or by the next post. 

On another note I received my MAX11300 PMOD kit from Maxim Integrated in the mail. With this PMOD and the NXP LPC4330 Xplorer dev board I have I will be able to start working on the firmware and top level software for the hammerhead. The plan is to dev almost if not all of the software dev with the MAX11300 wired to the LPC4330 board on a breadboard. The programming jig will also function as prototype of the hammerhead before the PCB is ordered, this will allow me to test a number of things and fix bugs in the PCB before I order it.