Hardware Design Completed

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An open source development platform focused on Biomedical Instrumentation, Analog IO, and DSP.

avrAVR 07/26/2014 at 19:440 Comments

This afternoon I finished routing the remaining traces of the hammerhead. You can compare the picture in this post with the last one to see how much has been done. The next step for hardware is to make a comprehensive bill of materials (which will be posted here) and perform some cost analysis. I have found in my experience with personal projects in the past that if you don't make a BOM and assess your costs before ordering any parts you will most likely go over budget, since this is a rather expensive design with expensive high end parts I want to be very thorough in the planning stages before purchasing anything. When the BOM is completed I will tweak the hardware design for costs, this is usually how I do my boards, I start with a schematic that goes through several revisions then I take  a first pass at the PCB, after the first PCB I tweak it a lot before readying it for fabrication. Since this board is a cousin/derivative of the first two unmade Mako DSP designs and the AHD there shouldn't be much tweaking, a lot was learned with the other boards. 

Finished first Rev:

Three Dimensional representation: