Minor Changes update

A project log for Hammerhead

An open source development platform focused on Biomedical Instrumentation, Analog IO, and DSP.

avrAVR 08/20/2014 at 20:400 Comments

After sitting on the completed design and giving it a lot of thought I decided I'm going to make a change. The goal of hammerhead is to be a research tool with applications in many areas. I have decided to galvanically isolate the MAX11300 section from the rest of the board. This allows the hammerhead to be of use in applications where isolation is important, an example would be bio-medical engineering projects that require interaction with humans. 

The isolation is being performed by an Linear Technology LTM2883 module. The LTM2883 provideds isolation for the SPI bus interfacting the LPC4337JBD144 with the MAX11300. Also the LTM2883 provides isolation for the power supply of the entire MAX11300 circuit. The design document will be revised when soon when the hardware has been changed to support the new isolation topology.