Choosing the Right Header.

A project log for Pi Zero PC by Bay Networks (The Pikelet)

I acquired a great little EN104 Bay Networks 'Netgear Hub'. I decided to re-purpose it to house a little Pi Zer0.

tinkerzonetinkerzone 12/15/2016 at 23:080 Comments

Headers come in all manner of shapes and Sizes. I commonly keep 6 in stock for the raspberry pi that i choose depending on usage. The stock standard 2x20 Male Straight Header is usually the go to. Then there's a 2x20 Female Straight header which I usually use for pHATs. There's a right angle 2x20 Female Header that you cna use to plug the Pi Zero into a 'Motherboard' with extra peripherals. There's the 2x20 Box Header Straight that I use when breaking out the GPIO lines to a daughter Board, and similarly a Right Angle Version for when space needs. Finally, there's the header that I chose for this application. It's a 2x20 Right Angle Male Header. Height restrictions prevented me from using a 2x20 Straight Header. As i'm using the 'Run' pins, similarly a Right angle 2x1 Male Header was used because i didn't need access to the Composite Video port. Had I needed access to it, I should have broken it out to a 2x2 Right Angle Male Header.