Final Thoughts

A project log for Pi Zero PC by Bay Networks (The Pikelet)

I acquired a great little EN104 Bay Networks 'Netgear Hub'. I decided to re-purpose it to house a little Pi Zer0.

tinkerzonetinkerzone 01/23/2017 at 03:310 Comments

So the PiKelet project is almost at an end. I have achieved what I was aiming for, wiuth a few minor edits. It now boots into the pixel desktop without any issue. The USB hub works fine to power a keyboard and mouse. At this point it can be used as a complete Raspberry Pi Computer running Raspbian.

It is a useful, rugged piece of hardware that is flexible enough to be used for several purposes. I am not sure what the final use for the PiKelet will be. But it is WiFi connected and can be connected via the uart. I will add some code to make the status indicator LED more useful. I hope this build log will help someone in a future project.