Royal Raymond Rife was a scientist, inventor and medical researcher (1888-1971). He is known for his microscopes, which he claimed could observe live microorganisms but also by an electronic device constructed by him called the Rife Machine, which according to his claims, is capable of curing very serious and incurable diseases.

  Rife began using his new microscope to explore the behavior of microorganisms. He discovered that each microorganism has a own natural resonance frequency. According to their studies, subjecting the body to the above frequency from an external generator can cure the disease.
  In this project, I will try to describe to you in general the working principle of such a device, as well as a very simple and inexpensive way to make such a device, thanks to modern semiconductor technology.

   And at the very beginning, let me mention that in the future, I will use as simple a way of explanation as possible, so maybe I will use some non-professional expression, but all in order to make the text understandable for as many readers as possible.  Several of the most famous versions of Rife machines made, use Plazma Ray Tube as the medium to radiate the given frequencies.  The plasma ray tubes are RF (radio frequency) powered, which means frequencies are broadcast and penetrate without the type of limitation seen with skin contact electrodes, where the electricity can skim over the surface of the body without fully penetrating the skin’s natural resistance.  In fact, this working principle and frequencies are used in MW, and SW radio communications, and we know very well that they pass very easily through the walls of our homes or other objects, and therefore through the human body.

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  Basically, all versions of Plasma 
Rife machines are composed of several components:
    1) An audio generator  to produce the given frequencies. The typical range of frequencies is up to 40,000 Hz although some go up to several hundred kilohertz.
    2) An amplifier with the ability to combine (modulate) the given frequencies from the audio generator with an RF carrier wich is typically 1 to 4 MHz, and  then amplify the resulting signal to drive a plasma tube.
    3) A plasma tube to output the power in the form of radio waves to penetrate the body and deliver the frequencies. 
    - In my case for the first component I use an Arduino Rife frequency generator from one of my previous projects (given below), but it can also be used any other generator that covers this frequency range , as well as some specialized PC software

    - The second component is located inside this box and consists of:

   - Miniature electronic board represents a carrier frequency source as well as a pulse width modulator that embeds the input Rife frequency into the carrier.

   With the first potentiometer is regulated the degree of modulation, and with the other, the carrier frequency. Then this summed signal is amplified by power transistor which is mounted on an aluminum board for cooling, and fed to the primary winding of a high voltage transformer. I found transformer in an old copier machine, but a high voltage transformer from an old CRT monitor or TV could also be used.  At the output of the transformer is generated a high voltage sufficient to initiate plasma formation inside the glass...

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