Project log 8 (07.12.2023) - MaslOS2

A project log for MaslOS

A custom os made from almost scratch.

marcelMarcel 12/06/2023 at 23:110 Comments

Hello people!

As you might have seen, there have not been any updates here for quite a while.

Neither have there been many updates on the MaslOS Github repository.

But you might have spotted a link to my new project, which is MaslOS 2!

MaslOS 2 is essentially an attempt to fix some of the shortcomings of MaslOS.

Those mainly being the usage of other programs and scheduling.

Modifying MaslOS to support ELF-Programs is a really really really bad idea and would be a massive pain, so I have chosen to essentially rewrite the basics to have a Scheduling and ELF infrastructure. 

This has taken a bit of time, but I am now approaching a good state, with the desktop having a lot of functionality, apps having gui support and a few apps already ported from MaslOS.

From the outside MaslOS2 might look identical to MaslOS but the internals are very different.

There are still a lot of things I am working on and features that are missing but I am working on it.

Here is an image of the current state of MaslOS2: (on actual hardware ofc)

More apps ported

I will probably start a new project on here aswell and post updates there.