#2 Thermal test, connector layout update

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Electronic paste dispenser with pick and place pen

jung-hoon-leeJung Hoon Lee 01/19/2023 at 17:060 Comments

Thermal test

Temperature tests were performed with thermal imaging and thermocouple probes. Few hours into the test, hottest point stabilized around 53C(24C ambient). Pump motor and solenoid valve at max power, motor reached 35C, solenoid at 79C. The components under test weren't actively cooled and both were on full power. A more realistic test(still demanding) 2000ms on time, 500ms off time, solenoid maxed under 70C. Solenoid valve mount has a HDT of 147C, added brass standoffs to the mount to help with airflow/cooling and to minimize direct thermal conduction to the controller case.

ESPD Controller V6.1 (Case modified)

Front IO: SPD connector GX12 7pin is replaced with 3.5mm TRS jack and mini XLR 6pin.

Rear IO: External trigger GX12 4pin is replaced with DB9. DC power jack DC-025 is replaced with DC-022.