Hey! Today I will try to print from audio tape. Such film was used for reel-to-reel tape recorders in the USSR.

Films of a similar type, I have already printed. You saw the machine in my previous videos. I achieved more or less stability of the bar. 7 tapes were needed.

Breaking the filament is almost impossible.

Test disk, size 10x20 mm. I print to see if anything can be printed at all.

I'll try spiral printing. Print options: instead of glue, I print the first layer in PLA. The temperature of the nozzle is 265 degrees, the diameter is 0.8 mm, the table is 60 degrees, the pitch along the Z axis is 0.2 mm. The structure of the vase is unusual. Kind of like velvet.

I already have flower pots printed from exotic polymers. I will print the fourth exotic flower pot. To save time, I will use 2 presses at once for printing. Please note that the texture is a bit rusty.

Do I recommend printing with such material? Of course not! Only decorative items can be printed with such material.