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Controller USB - midi _ V 1.0.1

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What is this ?

Microcontroller usb midi lowcost To play on Ableton, Arena or any other music or video creation software.

This tool will allow you to map your effects to the desired potentiometer and key.

To do this, do [ ctrl+m ] in Ableton, select effet and push your btn or pot.

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[Drafting in progress]


Refer directly to your plan according to the format of your M&P or you can feed your curiosity

  • The version plug & play
  • The DIY Kit
  • The soldering kit
  • choice your version 🛒

Plan step by step

Step 1 - code for adapt your project if necessary-

#include <MIDI.h> 
Use if using with ATmega32U4 - Micro, Leonardo... 
#include "MIDIUSB.h

Step 2 - soldering -

Despite the simplicity, it necessary to specify to take precautions concerning the assembly, because the facade is fragile. I advise you to follow the plan to have a solid tool once fixed to its support.

Step 3 - config in Ableton® -

When you are ready to play, configure your M&P as below. Select option, preference,Audio & link-midi. Important, choose the 9600 sampling frequency carefully for better optimization.

Step 4 Map & Play

Assign any effect a any pot

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2020 v-1.0.1

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