A project log for RosBot Kossel

A new Delta style 3D Printer incorporating many new developments and ideas. Brought to you by InoTech3D

paulpaul 08/21/2014 at 02:190 Comments

Well, it looks like I overlooked something or was just trying to speed through it when I calculated my rod length but as it stands my rods are a little too short to reach the outer perimeter of the Onyx heated bed!! As it stands right now my rods are 290mm from the center of the screw hole to the screw hole on the other side, this only allows me a printing diameter of 220mm and not the full 280mm the Onyx provides! Face palm! I need to get new rods that are about 30 to 40mm longer, which I know is going to dip into my Z height a little bit but right now I have a little over 13 inches from the tip of my J-Head to the glass so even with longer rods I will still be over a foot in Z height which is enough for me. I want to be able to use the full 280mm diameter print area the Onyx allows me! Not too big of a deal, it will still work until I get longer CF tubes and new Traxxas joints. Expect a new log when I get the rod materials in, I'll document well and take plenty of pictures!