3) Simple guide: breadboard footprint and Inkscape crash course

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A 3 minute guide, as well as a "from scratch" guide

AryaArya 12/13/2016 at 16:092 Comments


Measurements and preparations:

The SVG we'll need to draw will be a little larger though to look nice and be perfectly aligned with the grid. Let's say pin rectangle height will be 0.035.


Resulting dimensions for ATtiny85:

Inkscape usage

Save your SVGs as "Plain SVG" (File->Save as...) This will prevent Inkscape from inserting unnecessary tags, you just have to remember to do it each time you save your changes.

Changing canvas dimensions: New document, Page-> Document Properties, set dimensions and units inches.

How to dimension things: Object->Transform->Scale (might need to uncheck "proportional"), set dimensions to

How to center and align relative to canvas/other things: Object->Align and Distribute, it has various icons, Align section has the ones we need.

How to color things: Object->Fill and Stroke, stroke is object outline.

How to ID things: Object->Object Properties, the ID field.

How to group things: select things you want to group and Object->Group.

Drawing the IC body

Draw a rectangle, dimension to 0.38x0.27in. Align to vertical/horizontal canvas center. Fill with solid black. Draw a circle to mark the first IC pin, and make it 1c1c1c grey.

Drawing the IC pins

Draw grey rectangles. Height is 0.035 as we defined in the beginning, width is about the same, better if it's an even number - like 0.04. Y coordinate is simple to determine - just vertical align top pins to top canvas line, and bottom pins to bottom canvas line. X coordinate calculation:

Finishing touches - text and IDs

Place some text where you want, adjust the font size till it fits right.

Give IDs to your pins - they should look like "connectorXpin", for us X is a number from 0 to 7.

Select all, group it and ID it as "breadboard".

Footprint ready!


deʃhipu wrote 12/13/2016 at 21:45 point

You should really enable a grid in Inkscape -- that will make your life much easier! (You can find grids tab in the document properties.)

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Arya wrote 12/13/2016 at 21:50 point

Will try it - especially now that I'm writing the PCB footprint section =) It won't be useful if it doesn't snap to grid, though.

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