Baffa-2+ Computer

All-in-one computer using the Baffa-2+ Single Board Computer and based on the standard set of boards from the Baffa-2 Project

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Baffa-2+ Computer is a SBC based on the original Baffa-2 Homebrew Microcomputer project. It's housed inside LowBudgetTech's 3D-printable Callisto 2 model case, available at

Computer Specifications:
. Z180 CPU @ 18mhz
. 512KB Ram
. 512Kb Rom
. DS1312 RTC
. YM2149 / AY-3-8910 PSG
. SDCard Disk
. Serial Wifi (via ESP-01 Modem Emulation)

Baffa-2 is an educational and personal project with the aim of understanding how computers work through 80's 8-bit commercial machine designs. It has a modular concept with boards that can be combined to develop your own design and configuration.
More info:

Callisto 2 - Fully Printable Retro Computer by LowBudgetTech is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial - Share Alikelicense.

More Info:

As the Baffa-2+ looks like an end product, why not invest in advertising?

As seen on tv :D...

The Single Board Computer is equivalent to the following set of Baffa-2 boards:

  • Baffa-2 Full Backplane
  • Z80 CPU
  • Dual Clock
  • Dual Serial SIO
  • Soundcard Ay-3-8910
  • 8255 IDE
  • 512KB RAM/ROM
  • Real-Time Clock
  • Minimal Terminal or PI Pico Terminal

It used a Z180 CPU that provides integrated serial, pio and ctc, so it groups some peripherals on a single board. Similar Baffa-2 setup using Z180:

  • Baffa-2 Full Backplane
  • Z180 CPU
  • Soundcard Ay-3-8910
  • 512KB RAM/ROM
  • Real-Time Clock
  • Minimal Terminal or PI Pico Terminal

Baffa-2+ board schematic:

Baffa-2+ SBC:

I am proud to say that this project is sponsored by

The case was 3D printed using "Callisto 2 - Fully Printable Retro Computer" stl model by LowBudgetTech, available for download at

Printer: Creality Ender 3 v2

Filament: PLA (Brand: 3D Fila)

Rafts: Yes |  Supports: Yes | Resolution: 0.2mm | Infill: 10%

Printing Time:

  • 6 main parts aprox. 36 hours each (216 hours in total)
  • 1 hatch - 10 hours
  • pins and screen holders - 3 hours

Total: 229 hours or 9,5 days (but much more if we consider the failed 3d prints)

Timelapse video:

Baffa-2 project is sponsored by PCBWAY
Full feature custom PCB prototype service with excelent quality and quick delivery.



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Gerber Files

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Bill of Materials

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RomWBW v3.0.1 for Baffa-2+

rom - 512.00 kB - 01/22/2023 at 23:19


Picoterm v1.5.2 for Baffa-2+ (RP2040 RPI Pico terminal)

x-zip-compressed - 200.15 kB - 01/23/2023 at 22:28


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Dan Julio wrote 01/23/2023 at 23:44 point

Wow!  What a throwback that enclosure is!  But very nice project and awesome build.  512kB of RAM and ROM would have seemed impossible back in those days but I think it's great that today we can both pay our respects to those old designs and make use of some modern tech to improve them.  Sort of a "what if".  Do you have any period software running on the Z80?

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Augusto Baffa wrote 01/24/2023 at 01:14 point

I have ms basic, dBASE, wordstar and other programs. Games: rogue, ladder, catchum and Zork 1, 2 And 3. But generally I use Kermit terminal to access telnet BBS and IRC servers.

I also have a RPI at home that I use as a NAS and it has a telnet server enabled so I sometimes use it as a proxy for ssh. I've been thinking in install browsh on this RPI to use the text browser. 😅

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