bbServer - Cool and Mini DIY Server

I want to make a cool and mini server, which hosts a Minecraft server. I made something cool with OLED and WS2812 RGB LED.

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Hello everyone, this is Corebb~

For a long time, I wanted to DIY a server that can be turned on 24 hours a day at home. What I thought was that the power consumption should be low enough so that my mother would not hit me. Because I want to use it to open a Minecraft server, the performance should be slightly better, but low power consumption and high performance are inherently contradictory, so I have to choose a chip with a better energy consumption ratio. In addition to saving power and small size, I chose this kind of single-board computer with ARM architecture. Another factor is that it can control some electronic components like a MCU(microcontroller), so I thought that I could add an OLED screen and WS2812 RGB light strip. With the help of CircuitPython You can give full play to your own ideas, and finally form such a low-power, mini, and more importantly: fun and cool server.

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