Using Streamlink to open streams directly in VLC

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Bringing a 1992 Amstrad SRD510 analogue satellite receiver back to life in the age of Netflix

james-fosseyJames Fossey 02/23/2023 at 12:270 Comments

Yesterday I discovered Streamlink, a command-line program that can be used to open video streams from various free streaming services directly in VLC or other media players. I was pleased to see that Pluto TV and BBC iPlayer are included (you need a BBC login and a UK TV licence to access iPlayer) as this means I can add a few movie channels, and possibly the main BBC channels to my Amstrad setup.

Previously, I could only access Pluto TV either via the website ( or via Kodi, but I found the website very overblown, and Kodi is a bit tricky to run via the command-line, so this came as a very welcome discovery.

I might order a second-hand RPi Model 1B, as UK availability of new Pis remains very limited, and the Pi 1 has a proper 'yellow phono' socket for ease of connection to the Decoder SCART socket on the SRD510.