Dpad and soldering

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Auto zoom Raspberry Pi camera for filming model airplanes

jacob-david-c-cunninghamJacob David C Cunningham 02/15/2023 at 02:240 Comments

Starting to put the stuff together, turned on the OLED

And have a design in mind it's not what I wanted but trying to keep it small

The bottom picture shows the general flow of the parts eg. dpad -> OLED -> speaker

underneath that is the Pi 4B, then the two stepper boards oriented 90 degrees

I'm keeping all the ports open and not soldering anything to the Pi 4B so it's not stuck in this project

Although once together I probably would not take it apart

I want to get the case done by the end of this weekend... will see because it's a bit of design work (spacing) and print time (if I get it right first try or two).

Mostly I don't want a box of parts anymore, so I want to speed up the physical assembly and then can dial in the software over time

I still have to write the code for the dpad, speakers and other stuff... and more but making progress.

This was the old design/thought I had.

speaker on left