ESP32 Thermal Webcame Stream

Cheap way to visualize heat images using a thermal camera and an ESP32-C3 board.

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During the time Putin entered Ukraine, gas prices sky-rocket. Therefore, making improvements to the house's isolation was much to lower the monthly energy bill. Therefore, it became more important to understand where the house is leaking its heat.

I had some chip sensors lying around like the **MLX90640** and an ESP32-C3 (RISC) WiFi chip and connecting to any SPI screen that I had sounded too impractical. The MLX90640 is a thermal camera that has a 24x32-bit sensor. Using the I2C protocol the frames can be read.

If you Google for solutions, many of them are focused on an SPI LCD, but none of them is stream-focused like IP cameras. I wanted to use the ESP32 WiFi chip to display the thermal images to the phone in the browser. A cheap solution and a small solution.


The latest version has colours..

  • 1 × Pimoroni MLX90640 The thermal camera
  • 1 × Seeed Studio XIAO ESP32C3 ESP32 board that has USB-C and only a few pins for connecting this project.

  • 1
    Connect board to the ESP board

    D4 - SDA

    D5 - SCL

    3V3 - 3V3

    GND - GND 

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