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Hi, here is a shield for Arduino uno adapted to be plugged on Lego.

Shield Arduino Uno Compatible avec les blocs de construction LEGO

This shield for Arduino Uno is a tool for Lego and programming enthusiasts. It allows you to easily connect your Arduino Uno to Lego bricks, opening up endless possibilities for creating robots, automated devices and other experimentation.

With this plug-and-play solution on Lego bricks, you can easily control your creations using 6 potentiometers and 5 buttons. Ideal shield for programming beginners and experts. Don't wait any longer to bring your creative ideas to life with this Arduino Uno shield for Lego!

For example, you can use this shield as a control surface for your UNO.

Once the 20mm "header pin male" is welded, you can connect the arduino to the bottom of the shield, the "jumpers" come to connect on it, the lego come this plugger around the object thanks to the holes in the format identical to Lego.

Your feedback is welcome to improve the tool. Thanks

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